Who am I?  and why should you read my blog?

I’ll take the second one first…I wouldn’t dare to be arrogant to say that you SHOULD read my blog, but I hope that if you do, you may be entertained and could possibly even find something useful.

As far as who I am – I am a man who believes that we learn more from our failures than we do from our successes – and as such, I am a pretty learned fella.  I am a man who tries to look at life through the prisms of God, Family, Friends and Service to Others.  This blog will touch on many subjects including the professional, personal and spiritual and will hopefully speak to a wide audience.  I remember back in my college days taking some writing classes and philosophy classes and thinking to myself that while I love to write, I don’t know that I have anything “new” to say.  I believe that aren’t many new ideas out there – but what inspiration we do have is in how to communicate our perspective of the ideas that are already there.  That said, you will likely not read anything “groundbreaking” in this blog, but you may look at things from a different point of view after taking the time to share my little corner of the blogosphere.

I am always open to feedback, and comment and would appreciate any that you would share.  One of the things I loved best about my days in school was engaging in healthy debate with friends about our different points of view – feel free to contribute and allow this blog to be an organic entity.

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